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The HOWARD BRYCE MEMORIAL AWARD was donated to the  GRVPA in memoriam and is to be awarded at the discretion of the Directors to a member for his/her long-term contributions to the hobby. The GRVPA MEMORIAL AWARD has been implemented to honour the contributions to the hobby of a member in the prior year.

  1. Both awards are open to all members in good standing of the GRVPA or members who have passed in the last year.

  2. Each GRVPA club is encouraged to nominate one member of their or any other club for each award as applicable each year. There is no restriction on the number of times a member may be nominated. Should a member be chosen as a recipient in a given yea, any subsequent nomination must be based on new information about the member.

  3. The nomination must include a letter outlining the member’s contribution(s) in the designated period. It is important that this letter state in full the contributions made, as it may be the sole source of information for the Directors’ decisions; the more detailed the information the fairer the decisions.

  4. Closing date for the written nominations is September 30,  Closing date for the written nominations is September 30, 2018. This year please send nominations to the editor. (Ken Magee

After the recipients have been chosen, the executive of the respective club(s) will be informed. It is then their responsibility to arrange for those persons to be present at the presentations during the annual GRVPA Club Fair.



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